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Will we stop for pictures?

We have tried to reach a balance between those who want to ride and those who want to stop every five minutes to take pictures. You’re always free to stop anytime but please advise the guide before hand.

Any special instructions?

Yes, each client will receive general instructions regarding security, local traffic laws and any subject that he would be responsible for. Your MégaVoyages guide will give specific instructions before each day’s ride.

Does Megavoyage rent motorcycle helmets?

No, bring your own. Due to hygiene reasons we don’t rent helmets. Please note that bowls, novelty helmets or half helmets aren’t legal in Europe. You must have either an open face, three quarter, Jet, modular or Full Face helmet. All helmets must be certified by a recognized authority.

Is fuel included (gasoline)?

No. fuel is not included. In general, we rent the bike fully fueled but it can happen that it isn’t full. In any case, we expect that the motorcycle will be returned with the same level of fuel. Charges may be added if this is not respected.

What happens if the weather prevents us from riding?

Weather conditions can’t be guaranteed. We cannot be held responsible for bad weather conditions. No refunds will be given due to bad weather. On relax days we recommend that you don’t travel if the weather is bad. On transit days, we will select the safest routes.

What is a relax day?

Our concept of relax days is we stay at the same hotel for more than a night. Our guide will propose a guided route and unguided alternative routes that you can select to do. Each Megarider is free to go with the guide or select another route or do something completely different. We meet back …

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Is there an experienced guide with each Megaride?

Yes, each Megaride is programmed carefully, in every details possible and an experienced guide is available during the tour to advise on what would be best to do, the routes to ride, the places to visit, and what you can or should do and mostly, what you shouldn’t do.

How long do we need to ride each day?

It depends on which Megaride we are talking about. On most tours, the day starts at approximately 8:30 and we arrive at the hotel around 17:00 – 18:00. That is for travel days. On relax days, you can do whatever you feel like. Distance will vary according to the what you chose to do.