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What clothes should I bring?

We recommend clothes that can easily adapt to all four seasons, sunny, rain, snow and even heat waves. Some tours see temps ranging from 6°C to 36°C and even less in the mountains. A rain suit is always recommended.

What will the weather be like?

For real motorcyclists, it’s always a beautiful day on a motorcycle. Honestly, we can’t say in advance what the weather will be like but in general, the temps vary from maximums of 38°C in the valleys to lows of 1°C and melting snow in the mountains. On average, the daily temperatures are in the 20°C …

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What happens if the weather prevents us from riding?

Weather conditions can’t be guaranteed. We cannot be held responsible for bad weather conditions. No refunds will be given due to bad weather. On relax days we recommend that you don’t travel if the weather is bad. On transit days, we will select the safest routes.