Le sud de l'Italie April 19 - May 4 2019

Megaride The South of Italy.

A dream tour where we will visit the Rome, Pompeii, the Amalfi coast, Matera, Alberobello, les Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, the Etna volcano, Taormina, Palermo.

Here is a summary of the tour Megaride The South of Italy. Meanwhile in Canada still snowing, we start from Rome, then, we keep riding south, direction the Amalfi coast and maybe, for those who want, a visit to Pompeii. From the Amalfi coast, we cross Italy to get to Alberobello, the Smurf city. We will stay two days in Puglia then head for Calabria and cross the strait of Messina by ferry to Sicily. We will stay in Sicily for four days, giving us enough time to visit some of the wonders of Sicily, like the Etna, the ancient temples, the cities, or ride the roads along the coast. Later that week, we will board a ferry to Naples.

All of our motorcycles are equipped with a pre-programmed GPS, having all the daily itineraries. Every morning your MegavVyages guide will give you instructions and accompany you during this adventure.

If you prefer to ride alone, not follow the group, you can. You can decide to ride solo. We will provide the GPS routes, advises and instructions. At the end of the day, all Megariders will meet at the hotel to share their stories around a few beverages and a great meal.


More info about this Megaride

Some information about this Megaride

Départ / Arrivée 
Fri, 19 April 2019 to Sat, 04 May 2019
Itinéraire vol aller 
VCE Venice - YUL Montreal with Air Transat
Itinéraire vol retour 
FCO Rome - YUL Montreal with Air Transat
Nombre de jours 
16 Journées / 15 Nuits
Megaride 37
Niveau Megaride 
Journées relaxes 
Difficulté journée relaxe 
Intermediate, Motorcycle tour
Pays visités 
Régions visités 
Amalfi coast, Apuglia, Sicily
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Day 0

Montréal – Rome

Departure from Montreal Trudeau airport around 20:10 arrival at Venice Marco Polo airport 10:00 local time.
Overnight flight with meals included.

Heures de conduite  
7h00 ~ 8h00
Distance à parcourir 
6000 ~ 6500
Day 1

Rome, transfer to our hotel in Rome

Heures de conduite  
20 ~ 30
Distance à parcourir 
21 ~ 29

Arrival at Fiumicino airport in Rome, after passing through customs, you will be met by a representative of MégaVoyages, The transit to our four stars hotel will be done by shuttle where we will take possession of our motorcycles. All the bikes will have been prepared, ready to roll. After the paperwork, you are free to use the hotel facilities, go for a nap or a stroll around the grounds. Take it easy, you're on vacation.

The dinner will be served at the hotel.

Day 2

Rome, Abruzzo, Center of Italy

Heures de conduite  
1h52 ~ 2h37
Distance à parcourir 
166 ~ 279

Breakfast at our hotel.
Stage 1: Today we leave Rome, riding towards the center of Italy, in the Abruzzo region. This region is filled with wonderful National Parks, a magnificent area to ride. We cross into the Apennines where we will stay for the next two nights.
Our hotel is in Sulmona, where the dinner will be served.

Day 3

The Abruzzo, Center of Italy

Heures de conduite  
2h00 ~ 4h00
Distance à parcourir 
110 ~ 250

Breakfast at our hotel in the Abruzzo.

Relax 2: This day will be one where we do what we want. The guide will take those that want to ride, into the surrounding region, through valleys and mountains, in the beautiful Abruzzo. We will visit parks, high mountain passes and see wonderful panoramas.
Our dinner will be served at our hotel in the Abruzzo.

Day 4

Pompeii, Amalfi Coast

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Rome.

Stage 4: Today, we ride south, direction the Amalfi Coast. Open your eyes, this road is spectacular, right on the edge between the cliffs and the Mediterranean sea.

Night stay at our hotel and diner in a restaurant, on the Amalfi coast, Campania.

Heures de conduite  
4h00 ~ 6h00
Distance à parcourir 
290 ~ 340
Day 5

Amalfi Coast, Alberobello, Matera, Puglia

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel on the Amalfi Coast, Campania.

Stage 5: We cross Italy, to get to Alberobello, Puglia, the city of the Smurfs. You know, the little blue characters with white hats and stone houses? Alberobello is part of UNESCO's World Heritage. The houses or Trulli have a peculiarity, they're made of stone, like many others but unlike these others, the constructions do not use mortar. The roofs are conical and covered with calcareous plates from the neighbouring fields or extracted from the cisterns next to the Trullo being built.

Night stay and diner at our hotel in Alberobello, Puglia.

Heures de conduite  
4h00 ~ 6h00
Distance à parcourir 
300 ~ 350
Day 6

Relax day - Alberobello

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Alberobello, Puglia.

Relax 1 : Our first relax day on this tour. We can visit the town at our leisure or ride around the Puglia country side.

Night stay and diner at our hotel in Alberobello, Puglia

Heures de conduite  
1h30 ~ 5h30
Distance à parcourir 
80 ~ 395
Day 7

Alberobello, Puglia, Maratea, Basilicate

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Alberobello, Puglia.

Stage 4: We ride south again, towards southern Italy. We ride through the Dolomite Lucane region to get to the other side of Italy, in the Basilicate region. Matera is renown for its Troglodytic habitats (the Sassi di Matera, literally stones of Matera), again on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Night stay and diner at our hotel in Maratea, Basilicate.

Heures de conduite  
2h15 ~ 5h00
Distance à parcourir 
140 ~ 308
Day 8

Maratea, Basilicate, Patti, Sicily

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Trebisacce, Calabria.

Stage 5: Today we take a ferry to cross the Strait of Messina into Sicily. Then we ride to our hotel, where we will stay two nights.

Night stay and diner at our hotel in Patti, Sicily.

Heures de conduite  
4h30 ~ 6h30
Distance à parcourir 
322 ~ 357
Jour 9

Relax day - Sicily

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Montalbano, Sicily.
Relax 4: We are now in Patti for two nights. On this relax go we can go for a relax ride, there are so many things we can do. Visit the Etna volcano, visit the towns, their history, travel along the coast and enjoy the views and the wonderful food.
If you would like, you can arrange for a visit to a spa for massages and saunas.
Night stay and diner at our hotel in Patti, Sicily.

Heures de conduite  
0h00 ~ 4h50
Distance à parcourir 
0 ~ 207
Day 10

Patti - Syracuse, Sicily

Heures de conduite  
140 ~ 207

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Patti, Sicily.

Stage 6: What would you say if we visit a volcano? We could go up to the summit of Mount Etna, yes, it's still active. The road to get there is incredible, you would think we'.re on another planet. It's definitively something you don't want to miss. Then we will ride towards Syracuse, in the southern region of Sicily.
Dinner will be served at our hotel in Syracuse, Sicily.

Distance à parcourir 
3h00 ~ 4h40
Day 11

Syracuse - Agrigente, Sicily

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in PAtti, Sicily.

Stage 7: Sicily is a wonderful island, where you find almost everything. Curvy roads, mountains, the sea, history, Greek monuments, Roman temples, we will have so many to chose from. Your guide will take you though the roads of Sicily towards Agrigente, the valley of the gods.
Follow your MegaVoyages guide, you will love your day.

Night stay and diner at our hotel in Agrigente, Sicily.

Heures de conduite  
2h30 ~ 4h50
Distance à parcourir 
130 ~ 180
Day 12

Agrigente, Sicily, Palermo

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Agrigente, Sicily.

Stage 8: Today we ride to the Southern part of Sicily. We will ride all day on the island to reach the port in Palermo where we will board the ship and sail to Naples.
Night stay and diner on board the ferry across Tyrrhenian Sea to Naples. (Please note that water and wine are not included in the meals.)

Heures de conduite  
2h30 ~ 5h00
Distance à parcourir 
192 ~ 269
Day 13

Palermo, Sicily, Naples, Campania

Breakfast, buffet on the ship.

Stage 9: Today on board to get to Naples. The ship, Moby Tommy can accommodate up to 2200 passengers, 209 cabins and 1000 vehicles. You can have a good time on board, there is a casino, a game room, a video room, a restaurant a la carte, the buffet restaurant and a pizzeria. There is also a shopping place and a snack bar. Once we reach Naples, we will ride at our hotel in Rome.

Night stay and diner in Rome.

Heures de conduite  
0h30 ~ 10h30
Distance à parcourir 
50 ~ 715
Day 14

Rome, we visit

Breakfast at our hotel in Rome

Relax 5: Today is a relax day where you can visit the Eternal city. Take a bus or the metro to the center of Rome and see St-Peter's place or visit the museum of the Vatican and the Sixtine Chapel. You would be next to the Colosseum and many other ruins of the Roman Empire.

Dinner at our hotel.

Heures de conduite  
0 ~ 0
Distance à parcourir 
0 ~ 0
Day 15

Rome, Montreal, home

Breakfast, buffet at our hotel in Rome

Transportation will be provided by Megavoyages to Rome airport. Departure time will be announced. Our flight from Rome to Montreal by Air Transat leaves approximately at 13:00 and arrives in Montreal around 16:00.

Meals are served on board.

Heures de conduite  
7h00 ~ 8h00
Distance à parcourir 
6000 ~ 6500
Sorry, this Megaride is full!.

Note: The itineraries and routes chosen for our Megarides have been prepared according to currently known conditions. Although the chosen period is ideal for our Megaride your guide may change or adjust the routes for reasons out of MegaVoyages’ control due to amongst other, bad weather or impassable roads.

Included in the package :

  • Return flight Montréal – Rome with Air Transat, direct.
  • International airport taxes.
  • All taxes and services
  • A guide accompanying the group for the whole stay.
  • 13 nights in 4 and 3 stars hotels typical to the region visited.
  • 1 night on board the ship
  • 13 diners typical of the region visited composed of many services and including 0,20 l of wine, 1/2 l of water, dessert and coffee or cappuccino.
  • 1 diner on board the ship, at his restaurant with many services, desserts and coffee included.
  • All breakfasts
  • One grand touring type motorcycle per rider (pilot), according to the client's choice and availability at the time of the reservation.
  • All motorcycles have side cases, a topcase, GPS, disabling alarms, are comfortable and recent.
  • Comprehensive insurance for the motorcycle and its passengers.
  • Motorcycle comprehensive insurance
    (A 2900 € deductible in case of accident at fault or without identified third party and theft.).
    The deductible may be reduced to 1000 €.
  • Roadside assistance all over Europe
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Transportation by bus from the Airport to the Hotel, and return to the airport at the end of the tour
  • A Megarides souvenir
  • Tour book
  • Access to a reserved discussion forum before the trip.

Not included in the package:

  • The price does not include the customer's contribution to the Fonds d'indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages (FICAV) of $1,00 per $1000 of services purchased.
  • Gasoline, tolls, and personal expenses.
  • Lunches
  • Motorcycling equipment, jacket, helmet, gloves.
  • Any element not specified in the section « Included in the package »


Early booking deposit : an amount of $ 300, applicable to the 1st deposit if made before October 1st preceding the tour. It gives you priority in the room bookings and sets the price of the chosen tour. This amount is not refundable.

1st deposit : a deposit of $2000 per rider or $1000 per passenger is required and must be paid at registration time or before October 1st preceding the tour. This amount is not refundable.
Balance due : 60 days before the tour. This amount is not refundable.

Checks are payable to Megavoyages Inc. and will be deposited into a trust account as requested by Quebec Consumer protection law. Permis du Québec No 703316


In case of cancellation by a participant :

  • from the reservation to 91 days before departure : $2,000.00 for the rider, $1,000.00 passenger
  • from 90 days to 61 days before departure : $2,500.00 for the rider, $1,500.00 passenger
  • from 30 days to a day before departure : 100 % of the tour price, including all taxes

Departure day is not included in the cancellation delay.
The travel cancellation insurance is not refundable.

We reserve the right, if circumstances require it, to change the itineraries and the sequence order of our programs.

Prices take into account the following parameters :

  • transportation cost taking into account fuel and exchange rates.
  • all fees and taxes such as local airport taxes, airport usage and improvement fees, in ports and airports.
  • the relevant currencies exchange rate.

According to the Quebec Consumer Protection Office (OPC) regulation, the price may be increased up to thirty (30) days before departure date if due to some major circumstances, the condition above would change.
If the cost of the tour increases at least 7% (excluding taxes), the customer may cancel and be reimbursed. He may accept another tour as a replacement.

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