What happens in case of a Megaride cancellation?

In case of cancellation by a participant :

from the reservation to 91 days before departure : $2,000.00 for the rider, $1,000.00 passenger
from 90 days to 61 days before departure : $2,500.00 for the rider, $1,500.00 passenger
from 30 days to a day before departure : 100 % of the tour price, including all taxes
Departure day is not included in the cancellation delay.
The travel cancellation insurance is not refundable.

We reserve the right, if circumstances require it, to change the itineraries and the sequence order of our programs.

Prices take into account the following parameters :

transportation cost taking into account fuel and exchange rates.
all fees and taxes such as local airport taxes, airport usage and improvement fees, in ports and airports.
the relevant currencies exchange rate.
According to the Quebec Consumer Protection Office (OPC) regulation, the price may be increased up to thirty (30) days before departure date if due to some major circumstances, the condition above would change.
If the cost of the tour increases at least 7% (excluding taxes), the customer may cancel and be reimbursed. He may accept another tour as a replacement.